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Read testimonials from people who have undertaken our online programs., and the benefits they have derived from taking the courses.

The New You Creations Grief Course came to me at the right time in my grief journey. I was fortunate to do the Lily Course and found it very helpful, practical, gentle and reflective. It has given me some tangible tools and new insights to support me every day. Grief is hard; however, this course allows you to be kind to yourself whatever you are processing and continue to move forward.

Your Bereavement Journey — Lily CourseS.W. 2021

Looking at the world a lot happier and feeling a lot more positive, not carrying the heavy load of grief. The hardest was putting that first word on paper. Have had multiple losses over a relatively short time and two family members suddenly taken 17 years ago. Hadn’t ever grieved properly; seven griefs was a lot to put on paper.

Thank you for all the work and the modules you have put together.It is well set out in the correct stages of the grief process. It worked for me and I can talk about the deceased to family and friends now without crying or carrying what felt like 20kgs of weight on my shoulders. Now it feels like the load has gone.

Also have a healthier bond with the deceased, but more confident and stronger to deal with other siblings trying to bring me down. I have a lot of positive, supportive friends around me who are there for me — I thought I was so alone before.

Thank you once again. Now at the end of the module 8, working through it slowly but have a better vision of my future. Also, a very positive thing in the tea room at work — a lady who doesn't know what I have been working on said I looked great, and had a glow about me and was happier. She said my smile gave it away. Thank you x

Your Bereavement Journey — Daisy CourseR.W. 2021