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Welcome to New You Creations

Providing you with online grief and loss programs to empower you to heal yourself and discover your unique pathway to peace. 

New You Creations Diana Hutchison

What people are saying...

The New You Creations Grief Course came to me at the right time in my grief journey. I was fortunate to do the Lily Course and found it very helpful, practical, gentle and reflective. It has given me some tangible tools and new insights to support me every day. Grief is hard; however, this course allows you to be kind to yourself whatever you are processing and continue to move forward.

Your Bereavement Journey — Lily CourseS.W. 2021

Online Grief and Loss Programs

If you are exploring options in grief and loss counselling, and therapy, in the online space for yourself or for others, then you are definitely in the right place.

Download the free checklist below to find out whether you are likely to benefit from some kind of grief counselling, therapy or program.

There are two grief and loss programs available for adults. 

Each program is separate in its own right. 

Which program will be most beneficial for you will depend on your specific loss. Your outcome on completion of one of these programs is that you could find your unique self-healing pathway through the pain of grief to peace. 

When you enrol for support options, it will be either myself or other qualified counsellors supporting you.

If you are after personalised individual support or group support, please contact me.

Download the FREE Grief & Loss Checklist

Online Grieving Support

How to decide if one of these grief programs is for you.

✔️ You tick more than 2 of the items on the free checklist download
✔️ You are living at a distance or otherwise unable to access face to face grief counselling
✔️ You have limited finances and require an affordable option to enable you to process your grief to move from emotional pain to peace and purpose
✔️ You are not keen to share details of yourself and life to others and prefer to work on yourself alone


6 months' self-paced access

Secure and confidential platform

Access to private Facebook group

Messaging support

Feedback on exercises throughout

One-to-one phone or video call

(1 hour)







6 months' self-paced access

Secure and confidential platform

Access to private Facebook group

Messaging support

Feedback on exercises throughout

One-to-one phone or video call

(1 hour)






Both programs consist of 8 modules, based on the content of the evidence based and tested face-to-face grief support groups I have been running over the past 5 years


Module 1

Welcome and how the course works.

Module 2

Understanding the multiple perspectives of grief.

Module 3

Memories and remembering.

Module 4

Identifying and expressing feelings.

Module 5

Coping and stress.

Module 6

Memorialisation, continuing bonds, and therapeutic use of rituals.

Module 7

Assessing support systems and relearning the world.

Module 8

Closure/celebration of life.

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Welcome to New You Creations

Your Complete Pathway to Healing

Healing is possible for all of us. 

Emotional pain is a natural, normal part of life. You’re not alone. 

Coping with life changes or loss is challenging, but with the right tools and support, we are all able to return to a place of emotional freedom.

What is New You Creations?

Do you feel like you’ve tried to heal before, but you’re stuck? Are you feeling lost? New You Creations is for self-healers who are ready to take the next step on their journey.

We’re for holistic healing. Our therapeutic courses are for everyone. You show up as the creator of your own meaningful change. Supported by our accredited counsellors, evidence-based psychological tools, and private online community, we’re redefining healing, together.

Are you ready to start the journey of your own healing? You’re in the right place.

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